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Rugged Macbook 12-Inch Case


When you spend over $1600 on a 12-Inch Macbook you can’t just protect it using a $10 case bought off the internet. Give your Macbook the protection it needs and deserves with the Rugged Case by Urban Armor Gear. Though the brand seems like it will protect your device from every possible natural disaster or apocalypse, the Rugged Case comes equipped with an armor shell and impact resistant bumpers. A dual lock secure screen closure, FrogSkin non-slip grip, cooling vents for the ideal airflow, and even meets military drop-test standards in case you might have been worried.

With all that being mentioned, you can see that the guys at Urban Armor Gear do not mess around when it comes to protecting your gear. You can feel safe taking your laptop outside with you on adventurous trips and hikes, or even simply on your bike to a coffee shop. The case is also lightweight, so even if it may seem a bit bulky, don’t let the image fool you. The case is available in clear or smoke grey and for an affordable $79.95. [Purchase]