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Samsung Portable SSD T3


Samsung has done quite the remarkable job at redefining portable storage with the release of their new SSD T3 multi-terabyte, solid state drive, that is palm-sized and ultra portable. Designed to last, the SSD T3 is compact, lightweight and extremely durable. Smaller than an average business card, the drive weighs as little as 50 grams and carries safely a large amount of data wherever you need to go.

The SSD T3 has also been rigorously tested to withstand a drop from 2 meters high without affecting the device’s integrity or losing any of your data. Speed-wise, the T3 provides a blazing fast file transfer rate thanks to its sequential read and write speeds of up to 450MB/s with a USB 3.1 interface.


The SSD T3 is compatible with your Macs, Smart TVs, Android Smartphones, Tablets and desktop computers and notebooks alike. The T3 comes in a variety of storage capacity options to ensure everyone’s storage needs are satisfied. Choose between a 250 gigabyte, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB.

Expect this hot product to hit shelves in February. [More info]