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Sander Mulder Woofer Speakers


Sander Mulder Woofer Speakers

Designer Sander Mulder has released the hounds on the audio business. No longer do we need to have ugly woofers in boxes to have great sound. We can have headless dogs instead. Sander took the dual definition of woofers and came up with the cleverest case for your home audio system bass of all time. He puts the woofers in sculptures of headless dogs. The speaker is exposed where the head had been sliced off the dog’s neck. While there is not clams made by Sander Mulder that these speakers are going to redefine the quality of your sound system, they will definitely redefine the beauty of your system. You can order the Woofers in either black or white for $889 each, or choose you own color for $958.





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