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Schrade Survival Hatchet


There is just something about tactical tools, mainly axes, that is just so visually pleasing and tempting to use. Our pallets get wet just thinking of scenarios we could potentially be in where we could actually use this cool survival gear. Now back to this particular hatchet. Taylor Brands has been known for their knives, batons, pens, handcuffs and survival gear. They also own brands like Smith & Wesson, Schrade and Uncle Henry. The mighty-looking Schrade Axe is stunning, it features an ergonomic rubber-coated handle, flat hammering surface, a protective sheath and a stainless steel blade that is coated with titanium to withstand a beating. And if you thought that was all, you tactical and survival junkies will appreciate the 3-inch long ferro rod fire starter that is easily accessible by pulling a lanyard. For only around $35, this may just be the best survival axe on the market. [Purchase]