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Secret Supercar Meetups of Super Rich Chinese Kids in America



Getting rich in China is not a bad thing. Showing off that you are rich is a horrible thing in the Chinese culture, at least it is until you go off to college in a foreign country. Southern California has become a hotbed of supercar action among the kids of China’s most elite families. The kids are sent to the USA to study and told they can buy whatever car they want and price is not an issue.

Since the kids are supposed to avoid showing off their wealth, they go to extremes to hide their supercars, including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Maseratis. They plan secretive car meets at out of the way locations, turning the places into amazing car shows for a few hours.

Vocativ went behind the scenes of these secret Chinese car meets in Southern California to uncover the facts. One young Chinese guy showed us their car selection attitude when he replies why he spent $270,000 for a Ferrari California by saying “I just study in California, and this car’s name is California. Very romantic.” The joys of having rich parents.

Watch the video below:

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