Shadows Come Alive in Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital


herbert baglione 1000 shadows

What everyone else sees as an eyesore and a scary place to enter, Herbert Baglione sees as a place to create artwork and to multiply the fear factor dozens of times. Down in Sao Paulo, Brazil, over in Paris, France, and in an abandoned psychatric hospital in Parma, Italy, the shadows of departed souls are taking over the world. Baglione paints black spirits flowing out of walls, coming around corners, seeping through doors, and from anyplace that looking like a good hiding spot for an evil apparition. Baglione’s work is finding deserted buildings in these countries, but none is as evil as the psychiatric hospital where his shadows have taken over. The peeling paint on the walls, the abandoned chairs, and other mood setting decay combines with Baglione’s black shadows to keep your hearts pounding quickly as we explore his art.








Via Herbert Baglione on Facebook