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10 Crush Killing Signs That You Are Just Friends



This list may make you cringe. It may dash your hopes. Someone has to give you the bad news. These are 9 signs the person you have that serious crush on really just wants to be friends. Are you ready to find out?

1. He calls you his best buddy.

2. You always plan the outings.

3. In the rare cases he calls you to go out, it is with a handful of other friends, never alone.

4. He tells you about his flirtations with other women,or past conquests.

5. He treats you like one of the boys.


6. He keeps asking if you would like to go out with one of his friends.

7. Sleeping over at his place after a late night out is exactly that, sleeping.

8. He keeps saying “We’re friends, right?”

9. He sees you flirting with another guy and he just smiles and waves, not one touch of jealousy is ever seen.

10. His responses to your text messages, emails, and voice messages take forever to come back.

If you see these signs it is time to move on. He’s just not that into you, but that’s OK. A new crush is desperately waiting for your attention.