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14 Signs That You Are Obsessed With Your Dog In A Great Way


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While some of us become obsessed with our careers or children, others become equally obsessed with their dogs in very delightful ways. Here are 14 signs you are one of those obsessed dog lovers.

1. You talk to them like they are human.

Do you have conversations with your dog, asking them what they want to eat, or discussing life events? Don’t worry. It is just a sign you love your dog to the extreme.

2. You treat your dog like it was your child.

You know you are a bit obsessive when your dog’s wardrobe and toys are better than your own, but what’s wrong with that? Parents do that for their children all the time, so why shouldn’t you for your dog?

3. Security Deposit – No Problem

When you rent a car or reserve a hotel room you never-ever worry about paying the security deposit for taking your dog. It is not because you are confident they won’t tear something up. It is just that important to have them along.

4. You only buy the best pet food available.

You do not waste precious time clipping out coupons and looking for the biggest sale on dog food. You know exactly how you want to feed your dog and are happy to pay the extra price to get the finest gourmet foods available. Your dog’s treats and food look almost good enough for us to eat.

5. Your dog shows up in all family portraits.

As a matter of fact, not only does your dog show up in the portraits with your family, he usually steals the show. Your dog is your pride and joy, so you want the world to know about his cute personality and your love.

6. You spend more on their grooming than you spend on yourself.

When is the last time you had a manicure, hair wash, and hair cut that cost as much as your dog’s? We did not think you could remember, because it probably never happened.

7. Your dog’s face is feature on your computer, your phone, and your tablet.

What better way to show your love for your pet than to have them smiling back at you from all your gear? Besides, it brings a smile to your face knowing someone is waiting to give you all that love when you get home.

8. You schedule play dates for your dog.

You know human contact is not enough for your dog. He needs some special time with canine friends and you make it happen.

9. You hire only the best and most qualified sitters for your dog.

You spend more time researching the caretaker for your dog than you do planning your hotel rooms. Nothing less than a 5-star kennel is permitted.

10. Doggie treats outnumber human treats in your home.

Not only do you buy more treats for your dog, you have probably discovered a few recipes to make your own doggy delights right at home.

11. You constantly stub your toe into their toys.

Taking a walk through your dark house is like strolling through a minefield. Everywhere you step has a high chance of hitting a dog chew toy, a squeaky toy, a ball, or a tug toy. For some reason, you never seem to mind.

12. Hair is a clothing accessory.

How many lint brushes and tape brushes do you own? Do you keep one in your desk at the office? You always wear some dog hair accessories on every outfit, but it is fine with you.

13. You only vaguely remember sleeping alone.

Quick, where it the dog’s spot on the bed? If it was empty, how fast would you notice? Your dog has become almost as important in the bed as your spouse. (At least we will keep letting our spouse think they are more important.)

14. You cannot remember a day without your pup.

Your dog is there when you wake up. He is there when you leave for the office. He is waiting when you come home. He jumps in bed with you. You cannot remember the last time you were apart and dread the day you will be.

Dogs can take over our lives in so many joyous ways, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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