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26 Signs Your Party Girl Days Are Coming to An End. Was Fun While It Lasted



Did you always have a reputation as the girl to call for a great night out? Your friends would call all the time to invite you to a bar, to go dancing, to parties, or just because. You know it had to come to an end, but how will you know now it the time? Here are 26 sure signs your party girl days are coming to an end.

1. You have started to worry about those “missing hours” after a night out.

You are officially too old to say you blacked out.

2. You start to wonder when the clubs became too overcrowded and too noisy.

Not too mention, overrun but teenagers.

3. You just noticed those skirts you love to wear are really, really short.

Seriously? You can’t pull that off anymore!

4. Good judgement suddenly makes sense. How did that happen?

You know that guy only wants you for one night.

5. Your insurance agent just suggested it is time for you to stop drinking.

Wow, are you really drinking that much? Time to slow down just a tad.

6. You just realized your bed is much better than someone’s bed.

No more one night stands. You are looking to go steady.

7. Blacking out after you get home is no longer a sign of a great night out.

Cherish those memories.

8. You just noticed on your credit card statement that you bought more business clothes than party clothes.

Yup, real life.

9. You worry about getting the laundry done, not finding something to wear one more time for tonight.

Now that you are all grown up it is time to take life more seriously and get sh*t done!

10. You have arrived to work on time for the last 4 Friday mornings, without a hangover.

Impressed at yourself! But nonetheless, you still go out Thursday nights with your friends and have a blast.

11. The bag of red cups in your kitchen has lasted more than 30 days.

You might even consider not buying any more for the rest of the year.

12. Your hair has not smelled like smoke and booze for more than 3 days.

That a great thing!

13. You just told a friend you were heading to bed, because its getting late at 10 PM.

You like to get cozy, read a good book, have a glass of wine and catch up on your favorite TV shows.