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Smart Rope


Besides being one of the most affordable exercises you can do from the comfort of almost anywhere at anytime of the day, jumping rope has many benefits such as its cost, portability, strength gain from jumping, fat loss and improved coordination.

Without needing any fancy machines or paying for any overpriced trainers you too can get an intense cardio workout for a minimal investment. The Smart Rope by Tangram Factory takes your basic jump rope to a whole new level that will motivate you to push yourself harder.

Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that displays valuable information about your fitness in mid-air, right in front of your eyes, as you jump! Setting a new standard for wearable technology, the Smart Rope is embedded with 23 lEDs that can display data in complete darkness or in light.

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Its Bluetooth 4.0 transmitted allows for an effortless communication with your smartphone. You can track your jump count, time elapsed, and calories burned, plus giving you fitness goals, training recommendations, and monitoring your progress. Once a Kickstarter project, you can now get your very own from Amazon for around $90. [Purchase]