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South Korea May Actually Build This $290 Billion Property



Plans are underway to build an incredible city of the future just outside of Incheon’s airport in South Korea. 8 City is will be built in the shape of the figure 8, extending onto the ocean and eventually become larger than the city of Macau. The figure 8 is used to signify both luck and infinite possibilities. The city will feature several features that lead us into a true Sci-Fi future. The first is an enclosed dome over 3.3 kilometers in length to house businesses and recreational facilities. Around the inner circle of City 8, you will find an exterior walkway, which is adjacent to a walkway that opens during nice weather, and can be closed for winter. The entire circle will be filled with shops, restaurants, and other entertainment venues.

Take a few minutes to watch the incredible video showing off the plans for the future. South Korean planners believe the entire complex could be completed as soon as 2030. Our Sci-Fi future is approaching fast.



Via 8 City on YouTube