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14 Space-Efficient Home Interior Designs From Japan


Land is limited and living in heavily populated urban areas sometimes means that your primary residence might be quite small. When your residence is small your home’s interior living efficiency is a priority. Homeowners want to be able to pack in as much as they can in a small space. As many Japanese architects are use to extremely narrow property lots in heavily populated urban areas, finding ingenious solutions to the limited space has become second nature. Many of these designs incorporate crucial design tricks, feature interior courtyards, faux-facades and strategically place windows to give an effect of added space and room.

1. Transparent House NA by Sou Fujimoto

There are truly very few homes that feature a multi-storey, glassed-walled structure with absolutely no stairs. Truly no privacy! The home called House NA was designed by the eccentric Sou Fujimoto and is built on a thin, split-level steel frame full of small platforms. Reminding us of a Super Mario video game to get around the home. These platforms do not have any preset functions but can be used as the home dwellers please. Serving more as an experimental installation, this home would probably make you feel like modern day lab mice. This actual home would be amazing secluded in the woods somewhere, where privacy would not be an issue at all.