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Finally, Someone Has Designed A Spill-Proof Coffee Cup Lid





A Seattle based company, Vaporpath, decided it was time to upgrade lids for disposable cups so coffee drinkers could really enjoy their coffee on the go. The result is a new lid that reduces dripping, splash-outs, and improves the drinking experience. The lid looks similar to many of the dark colored disposable lids on the market, but is very different. As you look closer,  you will notice the lid provides a more angular top and the opening is recessed into the cavity. The recessed opening allows you to sip coffee like you were drinking from  your own favorite coffee mug.

Here it is in action:

The design bring the aroma of the coffee out to your nose, providing a more full-bodied experience when drinking coffee. What has to be our favorite feature is the reduction in splash-outs and dripping. The cup is designed to redirect coffee back down into the cup unless it is being tipped in a normal drinking motion. Hopefully, the Viora lid from Vaporpath will hit the right price point and quickly become the standard lid for disposable cups.

Via Gizmodo and Viora Lid