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The Ultimate Star Wars Holiday Gift Guide


Its that time of the year again where you keep racking your brain for what you can gift to your favorite friend or loved one. If that special someone happens to be the ultimate Star Wars fan, here’s a handy holiday gift guide that will help you find the perfect gift for any Star Wars fans on your holiday shopping list.

From household items, toys, clothes or even robots, we’ve got you covered with the perfect gift for this holiday season.

1. Star Wars Where’s Wookiee Book


Here’s an awesome gift for anyone into a Where’s Waldo-style book. The Find the Wookie brings that nostalgic fun of searching for characters, this time, in a Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens storyboard setting. The book is based around Chewbacca who is wanted for crimes against the Empire and you are the bounty hunter forced to find him. An Holiday gift for around $55. [Purchase]

2. Darth Vader Helmet Coffee Mug


Are you a morning person? Darth Vader is definitely not without a nice cup of hot coffee. Treat that special someone in your life with this awesome Darth Vader Mug. Your beverage is protected thanks to a helmet and you can hold around 24 ounces of your favorite morning fuel. Stand out from your typical office coffee mugs with this awesome gift certainly anyone on the dark side would enjoy. This will run you around $25. [Purchase]

3. Millennium Falcon Wooden Cutting Board


Here’s a kitchen item that you can’t live without! Inspired by the fastest ship in the entire galaxy and made from wood, you can now slice and dices your favorite foods on this genuine Millennium Falcon Wooden Cutting Board. Half an inch thick and measuring roughly 10 1/2″ x 14 1/2″, it’s great for any chopping needs. Knife sold separately! This will run you around $30. [Purchase]

4. Chewbacca Can Cooler


There’s no denying but a cold drink or brew is always appreciated after a long day of hard work or just lounging around the house. No matter how long your beverage of choice is refrigerated your warm touch is always there to ruin things. Why not protect your beverage with this awesome Chewbacca Can Cooler. It’s furry, cute and who’s going to dare steal your drink now with Chewie on your side. For around $13 you can make someone’s day with this awesome holiday gift idea! [Purchase]

5. Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters


No Holiday is complete without an Ugly Holiday Sweater. If you are a hardcore Star Wars fan you cannot settle for any ugly holiday sweater, you need the best in the entire galaxy! When you mix the holiday season with your favorite Star Wars characters, the result is epic, like Stormtrooper reindeers, and Chewie Clause and even Yoda Santa. For around $65 you can pick your favorite character and enjoy the Holidays in absolute warmth and comfort. [Purchase]

6. Lightsaber Cutlery


The flatware that was passed on from generation to generation that you carefully store and clean from year-to-year doesn’t stand a chance against these awesome Star Wars Lightsaber Cutlery set. Unfortunately, it will require you to do some work because they are not dishwasher safe but common, they are worth it! You can create your own set by purchasing a few backs of these that will run you around $15 a set of four. [Purchase]

7. Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid


This was one of the first official toys that hit the market in the wake of the new Star Wars movie. This awesome BB8 Droid by Sphero is an app-enabled robot that displays a wide range of expressions based on your interactions. The droid features a magnetically-levitating head, and allows users to drive it around by simply tilting their phone or tablet. The smart droid also features an adaptive personality that changes as you play, listens and responds to your verbal commands, and can also record and view holographic recordings through the free app. An awesome holiday gift that will run you around $150. [Purchase]

8. Chewbacca Robe


The great thing about our favorite character Chewie has to be his abundance of warm and fuzzy fur. You just want to snuggle up to your furry friend. If you find yourself chilly this winter this robe might become your best friend for the next couple of months. It will run you around $85. [Purchase]

9. Han Solo Ice Cube Tray


Whether you need ice to cool off a drink or want to make awesome Han Solo themed popsicles, this Han Solo Ice Cube Tray is a must have for any Star Wars themed event. For around $10 you can get your very own. [Purchase]

10. Star Wars Bar Set


Every single household needs a bar set. Whether it’s to open a brew or cork up a fresh bottle of wine, this Star Wars bar set has you covered with everything you need. Featuring a Darth Vader corkscrew, Today wine stopper, C-3PO foil cutter and an R2D2 bottle opener. A wicked set that will make everyone happy. It will run you a hefty $700. [Purchase]

11. Lightsaber Chopsticks


Sushi is an incredibly fun food to eat. At least for us. It is packed with all sorts of delicious things. Why not increase your joy when eating this awesome food with your very own set of light-up Lightsaber Chopsticks. You can choose whether you want a Luke blue or a Darth red and you will find yourself never wanting your sushi order to end. You can get these awesome chopsticks for around $15. [Purchase]

12. The Digital Movie Collection


Before going to see the latest Star Wars it is always a good idea to kick back with your best friends and marathon all six epic films. In this bundle is very special bonus material, including documentaries, never before seen scenes, interviews and rare behind the scenes footage. The set costs around $90. [Purchase]

13. Bedding


Snurk has come up with an awesome collection of Star Wars bedding. You can sleep peacefully knowing that you are cozied up with Darth Vader or even Chewie. Perfect for any young or old Star Wars fan. This bedding set costs around $150. [Purchase]

14. Darth Vader Silicone Oven Mitts


With an easy search on the web you can whip up some of the most delicious Star Wars inspired treats. From cakes to cookies, there is no lack of ideas to make any party an epic Star Wars party. Once your treats are ready to take out of the oven why not use a handy pair of Silicone Oven Mitts. They will run you around $15 and will surely protect your precious hands from the heat. [Purchase]