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Star Wars Lightsabers Cutlery


It is funny how you can pretty much get anything Star Wars related these days. From a Star Wars screwdriver to Star Wars bedding. I wonder if there are any Star Wars fanatics out there that are slowly stockpiling all this swag into an insane collection of memorabilia. You now no longer have to settle with fancy cutlery that you never wanted but instead get your very own lightsaber flatware.

ThinkGeek are the ones to thank for this creation and for $15 you get a set that includes aLuke fork, Yoda spoon, and Vader knife. The actual end that would be going in your mouth is made of stainless steel, while the lightsaber handles are instead made from food-grade ABS plastic.

Unfortunately, there is a catch, you can’t put them in the dishwasher so maybe you are better off keeping them for a very special night. [Purchase]