Delicious Sugar Series by Emily Blincoe


sugar series emily blincoe

Colourful and sweet. Artwork so sinfully sweet your teeth ache in anticipation. In the Sugar Series, Emily Blincoe collects and arranges sweet treats of identical colours creating beautiful works of art. Red liquorice, red PEZ, and Watermelon Lollipops merge with other sinfully sweet red candies in a tribute to the sweets that run our tongues blood read and put smiles on our faces. Emily’s sweet creations run through ten colours captures almost every flavour that our mouths desire and capturing the attention of our eyes. The black sweetness exhibits the diversity of colour in the darkest of dark candy colours highlighting the powerful taste of black liquorice paired with the chocolatey delight of Toblerone Dark Chocolate.

These intriguing candy collages should be avoided by people on a diet, but the rest of us might want to order the entire series in prints for keep our mouth watering and our homes colourfully decorated.









Via These Woods by Emily Blincoe

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