Surreal Photographic World of Rob Woodcox


surreal rob woodcox

Do not let Rob Woodcox’s young age fool you into believing he does not have a mature developed vision of the world. Rob takes us on a journey that borders between reality and fiction with his surreal photographic creations. The images leave us with a feeling of possibility, but with the core understanding it is not reality. The visions he captures on films are frequently inspired by his personal dream journal, dreams that most of us might fear to experience. His vision of man hanging from wires in his living room brings The Matrix to life. His man teetering on the road with his head gone in a column of smoke is surreal, but brings us visions of the horrors of wars fought around our planet.

Rob Woodcox may be a young photographer, but his talent is mature and rich filled with an uncanny ability to tell stories that push our minds to think deeply.








Via My Modern Met and Rob Woodcox