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Sweat-Proof Sheets That Work!


In the winter you are too cold but in the summer you are sweating profusely when under the sheets. You toss and turn and get frustrated. You wake up the next day exhausted and on edge. Try swapping out your basic sheets for this incredible new set from 37.5. These sheets, woven from technical fabric, promise to keep you warm but not overheating overnight by automatically adjusting to the humidity level underneath your covers.


Made from three elements being: a base layer comprised of your mattress pad and pillows, sheets, and a comforter (duvet). The three work together in harmony to harness the heat your body produces while you are asleep and accelerates the evaporation of moisture away from the bedding. Pretty cool that you can consider everything under your sheets as its own microclimate of sorts.


According to various people trying the bedding, this works incredibly well and kept sleepers in a better, more comfortable sleep 89% of the time.

We are definitely going to try this at home!


Buy these sheets via 37.5