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Tented Bear Head Sculpture by Brian Griffiths


Brian Griffiths Bear tent sculpture

Brian Griffiths is a 3D sculptor who does not like the limitations of a single media. He is comfortable working with wood, metal, plaster, and recently switched to weathered canvas. The Tent Bear Head Sculpture uses old weathered canvas carefully braced and strapped to create the shape of a bear head. A fold in the canvas produces a cute smile that captures the imagination of children. Cut away eyes and carefully sewn and crafted ears help finish this intriguing sculpture. The sculpture requires a large room to setup and display and is currently being shown at the Tramway in Glasgow. The sculpture requires tethers to support the head and careful assembly to make sure the humorous grin is present for everyone’s delight.

You can see more of the Bear Head Sculpture and Brian’s other creations on his website.



Via Design Boom and Saatchi Gallery