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The 10 Most Watched Ads of September Showcase Diversity


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Every month Adweek highlights the hottest advertising videos launched online. September’s list of hottest videos are special due to their amazing feel good diversity. 3 of the ads highlight the hottest new offerings from Apple and Samsung with the Samsung Galaxy Note stealing the show, followed closely behind by the amazing Samsung Gear S, and Apples 6 and 6 Plus Duo. Technology’s hold on the top 10 was matched by cuteness, with 3 different videos featuring cute dogs and 1 incredibly cool kid. Freshpet’s “Apparently First Ad” may have ran away with the cuteness factor. GoPro and UnderArmour vie for the most dramatic videos. GoPro featuring all the cool adventures you can have with a GoPro while UnderArmour’s “I Will What I Want” showcases the beautiful Giselle Bundchen kicking life’s butt. Gatorade snuck into the top ten by featuring Derek Jeter’s triumphant last moments, while KMart cleverly caught our attention by not advertising Christmas, kind of.

Here’s how the top 10 landed, enjoy watching all of these creative advertising messages:

1. Samsung Galaxy 4 Note Official Introduction

2. Budweiser “Friends Are Waiting”

3. KLM “Lost and Found”

4. Gatorade “Made in New York featuring Derek Jeter”

5. Samsung Gear S Official Introduction