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The Exploding House of Spain Inspired by the Big Bang



Casa Faustino was inspired by Big Bang, and the appearance of the house gives you the immediate impression of a house exploding out of its foundation. This unique design was created by architect Didier Faustino as part of the Solo Houses project which challenged twelve architects to come up with extreme designs that would then be built. Casa Faustino is the second house in the series and issues a strong challenge to the other architects to let their imaginations run wild. The home has unusual angles which terminate in openings looking out onto the surrounding scenery and to the open sky. The interior is simple with a raw wood finish. A long lap pool flows down one of the exploding arms of the home.

Casa Faustino is an excitingly different design and leaves us very excited to watch as future homes appear during the Solo Houses Project.




Via My Modern Met and Solo Houses