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The Holiday Demise of the Gingerbread Man by Fangoria


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In one of the most gruesome advertising campaigns of the season, Fangoria brutally kills the Gingerbread man in devilish delight. The true horror of this clever advertising video is the fact it is the Gingerbread Man’s evil twin who is burning him to a crisp in the toaster, stretching him on a rack while smashing him with a rolling pin, and even grating his body into dust for easy disposal. We would have expected nothing less from the macabre minds at Fangoria, one of the most sinister and delightfully wicked sites online.

We cringed in horror when the Gingerbread Man lost his leg in Disney’s Shrek, but that was nothing compared to what the team at Fangoria conjured up this holiday season. If you delight in horror, explore more of Fangoria’s evilness.



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