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These Chamomile Tea Bags Melt Away Your Stress Visually



Chamomile tea is known for its calming effects, but how can you tell the world of its powerful benefits? BOH Tea decided to take an innovative approach to telling the world about their chamomile tea. Instead of spending excessive amounts on a huge advertising campaign, they chose to let their product speak for itself. They created a series of teabags printed with tea ink which melts away and transforms into a more serene image as your tea brews.

A growling bear turns into a smiling relaxed bear. An erupting volcano transforms into peaceful mountains. An attacking falcon morphs into a peaceful dove. Each teabag showcases an image that goes from irritated, angry, and upset  into a relaxed and appealing scene. Their fascinating teabags have resulted in a word of mouth campaign that would have been almost impossible to match with traditional advertising methods.


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