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These Link Mugs Are Absolutely Genius



How many times have you sloshed coffee all over the floor while attempting to carry 3 or more cups to the table or co-workers? The glasses slide up and down against each other, the coffee starting to rock back and forth. Designer Jonathan Aspinall was frustrated with the same issue, but unlike us, he decided to solve it. His solution is brilliant. Jonathan added a cross-shaped interlocking system onto the cups so you can connect the cups together before carrying. The simple idea lets you keep all the cups balanced, level, and eliminate that sloshing motion.

The Link Mugs are available now from Thelermont Hupton for $40 in sets of three. For that low investment you can eliminate the frustration of carrying all the coffee from the kitchen to the table, then going back to clean up your coffee splashed floor.

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Via The Awesomer and Thelermont Hupton