Thousands of Potted Flowers Decorate Staircase of Santa Maria Del Monte


andrea annaloro

Within the Sicilian city of Caltagirone lies a beautiful decorated staircase at Santa Maria Del Monte. Each of the 142 stairs has its own unique ceramic tile creating a beautiful staircase any time of the year, but twice a year the staircase becomes even more extraordinary. This region of Sicily is renowned for their pottery, especially the creation of flower and candle pots. Once each year the businesses of the region decorate the staircase with potted flowers creating a massive sculpture design using the flowers as the color of their massive painted sculpture. At another time during the year, they switch to a design created completely from potted candles. If you travel to Sicily, stopping by to see the decorated staircase is a delightful experience, but if you happen to catch one of their big events, it transforms into an amazing adventure.





Via My Modern Met and Andrea Annaloro