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Tiny Prefab Home Made Grand And Effecient



Homes do not need to be large to be fabulous. Architect Alex Nogueira took a tiny 45 square meter prefab home in Brazil and turned it into something fascinating. The home is a simple 9 meter wide by 5 meter deep box that in most of our minds should be boring and bland. Alex took the home and turned it into something special by adding a pair of architectural displays towering over the home to give it added interest and eye-appeal. The front of the home is now a large set of picture windows and glass doors creating a more open look and giving the perception of greater space. The elegant wood deck and stairs add more visual intrigue and additional sitting space. The interior is completed with simple colors and extreme detail to efficient use of space.

The final result is a small home that has major visual appeal, room for comfort, and is a highly efficient living space.




Via If Its Hip Its Here / Special thanks to: Principal architect: Alex Nogueira / Photos by André Barbosa