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Top 10 Must See Video Ads of 2013


top 10 ads of 2013

Adweek Magazine looks at advertisements on television and in print with a different eye than consumers. They look at each advertisement critically, looking at creativity, impact, and effectiveness. For 2013 Adweek selected the 10 ads we highlight below as the best of the best. We certainly cannot disagree with the intriguing ad from Volvo with Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Epic Split. The cleverness of Geico’s Hump Day ad will be remembered for years and is a worthy recipient, but what do you think of the others? Each ad is compelling in their ability to push our emotional states through feelings of love, laughter, or wonderment, but are they your choices for the best?

Each year we enjoy watching the creative talent of writers, producers, and advertising professionals as they find new and unique ways to present their message. We love this selection of 10 ads, but would enjoy hearing from you about other advertisements from around the world that deserve a special tribute, too.

10: K-Mart – “Ship My Pants”

09: Chipodale – “The Scarecrow”

08: Robinsons – “Pals”

07: Volvo – “The Epic Splits”

06: Nike – “Possibilities”

05: DICK’s Sporting Goods – “Every Pitch”

04: GEICO – “Hump Day”

03: Guiness – “Basketball”

02: RAM – “Farmer”

01: DOVE – “Real Beauty Skeches”

Via AdWeek