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Trio Tower Residences Designed by Zaha Hadid



In 2006 ABC Radio in Australia abandoned a prime piece of property, selling it for a ridiculously low price since high levels of radiation had been detected in the building. The buyer waited. The land was declared free from contamination and ready for new building. The owner acted. He called in Zaha Hadid Arhcitecture to design residential buildings that would become the crown jewel of Brisbane, Australia. The design calls for a trio of residential towers with a tapered base to help open the ground level to the incredible ocean views. The tapered towers will house 486 apartments and 8 villas and is likely to become one of the most sought after places in Brisbane.

The design is preparing to enter into the community review phase leading to its eventual construction. The Toowong development is just one more amazing concept from the drawing boards of Zaha Hadid.




Via DeZeen and Zaha Hadid