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Two Legs Chair Provides Bearable Discomfort



Would you ever buy a chair that has just two legs? You might if it looks as stunning as the Two Legs Chair created by Benoit Malta, especially if you understand his logic. The chair is built in an artistic style that resembles an beautiful Japanese letter. The wood chair is beautiful to look at and more importantly as a unique purpose. Benoit Malta designed the chair to force a level of bearable discomfort to help keep you alert and active in life. Since you must play active roll in balancing the chair, you can never become complacent. The chair is still built to be very comfortable, but does not allow the sitter to lose focus, at least not without some peril.

The concept is simple and the design elegant. Imagine how much more productive you would be if you always had to stay alive and active in your chair.

Here it is in action!






Via Fubiz and Benoit Malta