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Mind-Blowing: This UK Bus Runs on Poo And Food Waste


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Green energy advocates may finally be able to ride a bus that fulfills their wildest dreams. The A4 Bus from Bristol to Bath in the UK may soon be renamed the Poop Mobile by riders. The bio-bus uses biomethane gas produced from sewage treatment to power its engine. A full tank of poo-gas-fuel powers the bus for 186 miles and produces 30% fewer emissions.
There have been no reports on whether these emissions are odorless or leave a trail of fart induced laughter in its wake. A single person produces enough waste annually to power the bus for 37 miles. By our calculations that means it requires approximately 5 peoples annual poo output to fill the tank with biomethane.

Before you begin worrying about smells and other biological debris, the biomethane gas is produced in processing facility and only the biomethane gas, completely odorless when burned, is pumped into the bus.

See it in action below:

Via CNN and BBC