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This Camper Took Urban Camping To The Extreme



Camping in the city has never sounded overly appealing, until now. In these two awesome examples, we see how urban camping can take on an entirely new meaning. In our first example, tents and shelters were built right onto the scaffolding climbing up the side of a building. The decorative tents added a strange beauty to the side of the structure while providing shelter. Could this be a clever way to provide housing to the homeless without the unsightly cardboard cities that pop-up on backstreets?



Our second example is totally surreal. Leonard van Munster likes to go to the extreme in his ideas, and this concept is completely out of this world. Leonard brought a 30 foot tree to the top of a towering museum building, and then built a tree house in its branches. The tree house is built out of reclaimed materials. The tree and accompanying tree house are carefully tied down to the building, but still rocks lazily above the city streets on the edge of the roof.



Via Dornob and Leonard Van Munster