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Utopian City Emerging Amid The Squalor of Guatemala



Guatemala City is notorious for its high crime rates and extreme poverty. Amid the most horrible areas of the city a new vision is arising. Paseo Cayala is a planned city within the city that will become a 100% crime free zone inhabited by the rich of Guatemala. The city area will be encircled by a decorative fence that serves as much more than decor. The fence is electrically charged to keep thieves outside the gate. Paseo Cayala is starting as a 34 acre oasis, with plans to expand up to 870 acres. The city will feature shops, museums, entertainment, and residences that make it self-contained.

The concept brings up important societal questions. The oasis provides a unique opportunity for the wealthy to live safely in Guatemala, but it will stand in stark contrast to the poor shanties built right up to its electrically charged fences.