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Valley of the Dolls Is A Town Where Missing People Have Been Replaced with Puppets


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Hidden in the valleys of Shikoku, Japan, is the village of Nagoro. Nagoro is not your ordinary village, it is overrun by creepy looking dolls. These eerily lifelike dolls have been slowly replacing actual residents who have passed away. Today, these dolls actually outnumber the real people living in the city.


All this was thanks to local artist Ayano Tsukimi who returned home after 10 years, to find most of her friends, family and neighbors have died or moved away to the city. While the population dwindled to around a dozen, she decided to create these strange looking dolls while creating a scarecrow for her garden. The area is now known as the Valley of the Dolls.


This project which has been spanning the last 10 years allowed Ayano to unbelievably create over 350 dolls, many visible through Google Street View. These dolls are not just laying around in her home but up and about doing everyday activities such as gardening, walking, reading, and fishing. Classrooms of the local abandoned school has been repopulated with puppet children and fields have been brought to life.


The great Fritz Schumann has met up with Tsukimi to find out what her motivations were:

Documentary by Fritz Schumann (Visit his website for more amazing content!)

Visit Google Street View to see explore the town yourself.

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