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Spectacular House Has Glass Floors Instead of Windows



Yung Ho Chang, an architect with Atelier FCJZ, had a unique concept back in 1991, The Vertical Glass House. By the title you would assume the exterior of the home is glass, but the exact opposite was his plan. He designed the building to have concrete walls with glass floors allowing people to see from the basement all the way through the other floors to the sky above. Fast forward 22 years and design went from a concept into reality. The original design was mildly altered by architect Lu Bai, also of Atelier FCJZ, and then construction began. The building is now used by artists, architects, and other people seeking a place of mediation and escape to live in a place where the boundaries of life are changed.

Strangely, you can see down into the bathroom and bathtub areas from all of the floors above, making living in the home a very unique experience. The concept may not appeal to any of use for a normal home, but for the purpose of altering your state of mind and freeing your creativity, the Vertical Glass House is perfect.








Via Dezeen and Atelier FCJZ