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A Water-Saving Tap That Makes Incredible Patterns



Household appliance design are nowadays designed to be energy efficient as well as water efficient. Many modern designs are sleek and innovative and come with a high price tag but help us save money in the long run. At first glance, this incredible tap, that seemingly sends out jets of water in intricate patterns may sound just like art, but there is a hidden secret behind it.


Design student Simin Qiu recognized the importance of conserving water and cam eup with a tap that not only creates incredible streams of water but is also water efficient and energy efficient.


His design not only won us over but won an iF design concept award last year. The tap features a double turbine that rotates as the water streams through it, and thus creating an incredible stream of water. According to Simin, this design allows for a 15% water savings compared to our traditional faucet. Pretty unbelievable! His design also features a preset temperature to avoid unnecessary use of electrical heater switches that saves you money.

via Behance