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What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Drinking Habits?


What? You do not believe that your horoscope will define your drinking habits. We agree it might be a bit wild to believe it, but you still read your horoscope everyday, don’t you?

Instead of arguing whether your zodiac sign controls your drinking habits, just take a look and see how close of a match you are.

Aries – The Bouncy Drinker

A drunk Aries is easy to spot. They move quickly from person to person making sure everyone is having just as much fun as them, and if not, they get them another drink.

Taurus – Wingman Extraordinaire

When you need someone to watch your back when you go out drinking, call on a Taurus. Their loyal attitude means they will stick with you, even when you are stupid drunk. They are also the person who will knock a little common sense into you when your plans head into Crazy Town.

Gemini – Double Trouble

The twin attitude of a Gemini is released completely once they are drunk. They may swing from wildly happy to depressingly sad in moments, and then back again. You never know which of the twins is going to win the night.

Cancer – Drink with Caution

Do you have  some friends who crumble into emotional disasters after a few too many drinks. Odds are high they are a Cancer.  Their night can swing from great to horrible with just one more drink, and then it is over. They will not swing back to happiness like the Gemini.