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Why Do these Cardboard Pastries Look So Good?



Glen Gyssler claims to be a photographer, but we might have to argue that point. Glen is an original thinker and artist who happens to use photography to record his creativity. Glen loves to play with food in his photographs, or at least he uses food as inspiration. Glen’s recent Cardboard Pasty series showcases his creative skills and ability to make us think. He grabbed some of our favorites baked goods like cookies, croissants, cupcakes, and donuts and recreated them in cardboard. Glen combined overlays of the real food with his cardboard creations to create images that bring up an intriguing question. Is Glen trying to tell us those pastries have as much nutritional value as cardboard, or just making an artistic statement?

Glen Gyssler is playful and thought provoking with his works with food and his other works. You can explore more of Glen’s artistic photography on his website.




Via Fubiz and Glen Gyssler Photography