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Would You Wear These Sushi Socks?


sushi socks

You may love sushi. You could love decorative socks. Would you consider combining the two and making your feet a little fishy? Tokyo Otaku Mode is selling a series of awesome looking sushi inspired socks that will make people wonder what you were thinking. You may struggle just as hard trying to choose for the Sushi Socks menu as you would at a great sushi bar. Otaku Mode offers the socks in some of your favorite flavors including red caviar, shrimp, salmon, fish egg, and octopus. The socks sell for $5.39 per pair for Otaku Mode.

Imagine hosting a traditional sushi dinner at your home, complete with the low sitting table. Ask your guests to leave their shoes and socks at the door, while offering them a pair of Sushi socks. Just make sure to have a can of foot deodorant at the door just in case someone takes the idea of fishy feet to smelly heights.






Via Design Taxi and Tokyo Otaku Mode