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X-Jets Jetblade


Country house living will never be the same again with the X-Jets Jetblade. Forget about your friends speedboat or jet ski, as you blast off over the lake in your veritable booster shoes. This new aquatic toy allows users to achieve the thrills of hydro flight by keeping balance on a board over a body of water.

A seemingly safe way to sail the lake, this awesome activity requires, I am confident, a heck of a lot of practice to be done successfully. Using the same concepts behind a water-propelled jetpack, the Jetblades are attached to your feet as opposed to your back. Firmly attached using ski-like boots, users are quickly propelled over the water using hydro-power. You can stay in the air for about 15-30 minutes. Looking to challenge yourself? You can get your very own starting at $2,795. [Purchase]