Your Last Sight Before Being Gobbled Down by a Penguin, Had Worse Days


eaten by penguin

You never worried about being gobbled down by a penguin, but fish around the world do. This rare shot from the photographic explorers at G Adventures was shared on their M/S Expedition Twitter Feed. The image shows a penguin preparing to eat their GoPro camera that was invading its snowy turf. The rugged GoPro camera snapped the image as the penguin’s mouth was wide open, eyes staring down its lens, with wings lazily at its side. The shot shows the interesting linear lines inside the penguins mouth, the open throat waiting for a fish, and the horror a fish must feel just before it dies.

This is just one example of the cool action shots regularly captured and shared by the team at G Adventures on their M/S Expedition Twitter feed.

Via This is Colossal and M/S Expedition on Twitter