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Zombie Bells


You’ve seen them either lying around discarded by the dumbbells at your local gym or being tossed up in the air by a super-fit and sometimes intimidating person working out beside you. Kettlebells are thought to have come from Russia in the 1800s, but other research indicates that they may actually date back to Spartan times when the use of handles submerged in concrete were put in place to help with moving heavy cinder blocks.

Many professionals believe that you can do much more with a kettlebell than your typical dumbbell. That being said, there are just so many kettlebells on the market to choose from so why not stand out from the crowd and get your hands gripped around this Zombie kettlebell. Made from the great folks at Onnit and popularized by the wave of zombie related paraphernalia that has been flooding the market, Onnit made several available weights of the zombie kettlebell that would look awesome at your gym, home gym or even office, if you decide to blow off some steam. Ranging from $43 for their 18 pound option to $170 72 pound option, there is a zombie kettlebell for all to enjoy. Act fast as they are for a limited time run. [Purchase]