14 Space-Efficient Home Interior Designs From Japan


+-*Land is limited and living in heavily populated urban areas sometimes means that your primary residence might be quite small. When your residence is small your home’s interior living efficiency is a priority. Homeowners want to be able to pack in as much as they can in a small space. As many Japanese architects are […]

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Flux Snowshoes Solves A Common Snowshoe Problem


+-*Snowshoeing is a fantastic outdoor activity up in the country. The issue we seem to have with traditional snowshoes is that we are to able to comfortably walk on such wide surfaces attached to our feet. This unnatural feeling prevents us from walking correctly and even tires us out more quickly. Claiming the silver International Design […]

A Dome Made Of Umbrellas Could Shelter The Homeless


+-*In search of ways to help shelter the homeless from around the world a potential low-cost, lightweight geodesic dome made from umbrellas, garbage bags and a space blanket, can provide a life-saving solution to the homeless who sleep outside. Earth Lander has reclaimed many common materials to create this thermally efficient dome that is resistant […]

10 Most Expensive Buildings on Earth


+-*Construction of amazing new high rises, luxury hotels, and amazing homes never ceases, but do you know the most expensive buildings on our planet? Following is a list counting down the 10 most expensive buildings to add to your “must see” bucket list. 10. Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas When the incredible Dunes Hotel was […]

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Finished Drinking Your Coffee? Now You Can Eat Your Cup!

edible coffee cup

+-*For those of you who aren’t satisfied buy coffee’s natural hunger suppressing agents, this one’s for you! Thanking the innovative and creative minds at KFC, we now have an edible coffee cup. Being released only in the United Kingdom for the time being, the “Scoffee” Cup is intended to promote the chicken chain’s launch of Seattle’s […]

Bizarre Looking USB Thumb Drives


+-*Stumbling on these bizarre USB thumb drives from Justin Poulsen, we were instantly mesmerized by this oddity. The Canadian photographer has quite a talent for creating life-like thumbs that are actual working USB thumb drives. Perfect as a gift for your friend and family who enjoy this kind of gadget, perfect for an April fools […]

Space-Wasting Vanity Space in the World’s Tallest Skyscrapers Revealed


+-*Just how a bow on a perfectly wrapped present can make it that much more large and appealing, the same can apply to majestically-tall buildings. It turns out that some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers are topped off with useless “empty” space to increase their height. The council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), […]