Cameraman Who Films Every Kill in Call of Duty Now Revealed


Being avid Call Of Duty fans ourselves we can truly appreciate finally finding out who has been handling that awesome killcam all these years. The makers of COD have found it in their good hearts to let us know who is capturing all that awesome footage. The man behind the camera is Randall Higgins and has […]

Photographer Witnesses And Captures A Massive Iceberg Flipping


In December 2014, the very talented photographer Alex Cornell went on an expedition to Antarctica where he got the rare glimpse of a massive iceberg flip. Once flipped, this gigantic iceberg revealed an incredible, translucent blue underside that was completely free of snow. This is a very rare phenomenon because 90% of an iceberg is […]

All Creative Ads Begin With A Sketch


The clever minds at the Miami Ad School in São Paulo have come up with a great series of print ads for Bic pens, highlighting how all great ideas begin with a sketch. Like many ideas we have had, we always start with a doodle of our own. Wether it be for a logo design or simply […]

Cardboard Furniture Is Eco-Friendly, Recyclable and Great For Every Room


Move over Ikea, you officially have a new competitor in town. The company known as Cardboard makes ecological, weightless, folding furniture for just about every room in your house. The Madrid-based company is taking their brilliant furniture designs and conceptualizing them with the most minimal carbon footprint possible. Their brilliant line of renewable, recyclable is […]

Perfect & Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


It is that time of the year to show the one you love just how much you love them. It is not always that easy to find the perfect gift but this handy guide of Pinterest-favourite gift ideas should do the trick because it is not the amount you spend but the thought that counts. […]

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New Ingeniously Designed Shelter For Refugees Made By Ikea Will Only Cost $1000


Ikea is known for its practical, versatile, compact, and sometimes frustrating to assemble LEGO-like furniture. Though some of us might have some frustration against IKEA for all the assembly headaches this ingenious company is truly generous and innovative. Ikea Foundation, in partners with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) will roll out this […]

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Oreo Unveils New Red Velvet Cookies for Valentine’s Day


The anticipation for Valentine’s day this year is getting a whole lot better with Oreo’s latest unveiling of the limited edition red velvet version of its delicious cookie. We all were under the impression that this might just be a rumour, but seems like this will be the real deal! Hitting store shelves on February […]

NASA Just Released the Most Detailed Photo of Outer Space Ever Taken


Unbelievable! NASA just released a mind-blowing high-definition image of the universe and all of its glory. The picture taken of the Andromeda galaxy, which happens to be the closest spiral galaxy to our own, is comprised of 1.5 billion pixels and was snapped from 2.5 million light years away by the Hubble Space Telescope. This […]